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Grumpy Old Ganz

My Take On Sports

Baseball, softball and track are all active now. I thought I would share what I like and dislike about watching a variety of different spring and fall sports and the reasons why I watch them.

Baseball can be a hit or miss (no pun intended) sport for me. It can be an action-packed game or a complete bore when it’s nothing but a pitcher’s duel. However, softball provides more action and seems to have a little more depth in strategy. Meanwhile, track (sorry to say but just my opinion) is like watching paint dry…unless you’re participating.

Moving along to other spring/summer sports…I do enjoy golf since strategy again plays a factor...when to layup, club selection, reading the green and more. Then there’s men’s tennis which is serving, ace, repeat with very little volley while women’s tennis is the opposite, making it a bit more exciting. Swimming provides no excitement for me with the exception of diving and water polo which will pique my interest.

Another is motorsports which is not my thing. I’d rather watch a fly try to get out of a spiderweb and await its impending doom!

Continuing on to fall/winter sports...I enjoy football and volleyball, but love hockey—even though it can be low scoring—its speed and physical nature is a huge draw. Speed skating, skiing and other winter events such as curling rank high on my list because of the finesse and technical skills involved.

Other various sports that are on my “will not watch” list, and I’d rather look at a “Where’s Waldo” book, are bowling, cycling, marathons, triathlons and NASCAR to name just a few.

By no means am I taking away from the dedication, effort, training or skill that athletes need to participate in these sports, I just lack interest in some of them. I’m thinking there are a few others out there who would agree.

This may come as a surprise to you, but my favorite game to watch or play, and it is one of the slowest moving games, would be a World Championship Chess Match!

I think it all comes down to a good mix of strategy, skill and fast-paced action (with the exception of chess) to get my attention and keep me interested.


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