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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

The Clarissa Independent 25 Years Ago May 10, 1995 The Clarissa Council heard reports from the city departments and discussed some equipment problems. Jerry Sovich inquired about repairing the streets now that the city knows they will not get a grant this year. Mayor Schnettler told him to patch the side streets that are not included in the grant request. Upon Sovich’s recommendation, the council agreed that the fire hydrant on the corner of County Road 20 and Bridge Street be moved back from the curb. The county will be widening the road by 15 feet when they resurface this summer. ********** Come to the community’s first SBAG (singalong, barbecue and games) on May 21. At 3 p.m. games like frisbie golf, Norwegian softball, farmer’s soccer, croquet, etc. will be played. At 6 p.m., a barbecue/potluck will be held. At 7 p.m., there will be a singalong in the hayloft. Group singing interspersed with special numbers coming from outside talents including Philippine folk dancers. There will be fiddlers, guitarists, quartets, solos, trumpeters, etc. coming from various church groups.

50 Years Ago May 7, 1970 Jerry Host purchased the business of the Clarissa Motor Company last Friday from Ray Petersen and took possession of the garage on May 4. Mr. Host said he has changed the name of the company to Host’s Garage and he will specialize in auto and tractor repair. He will also maintain a wrecker service. Mr. Petersen has been in the garage for the past 16 years. Along with Leonard Johnson, Mr. Petersen purchased the garage from Ted Wheeler and took possession on June 1, 1954. ********** A deal was completed last week in which Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Fischer of Roseville purchased the Tem Tee Drive Inn and house from Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Reierson. The Fischer’s plan to open for business the weekend of May 16. Mr. and Mrs. Reierson have operated the drive-in the past eight years, having purchased it from Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Gilbertson in 1962.



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