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Harkening Back

The Clarissa Independent

25 Years Ago

January 25, 1995

Larry Dickinson, manager of the Agri Valley Farm Center in Clarissa for the past 11 years, will begin managerial duties at the Eagle Bend Produce Co. on February 1. The boards of the two cooperatives have agreed to share his abilities as a manager through the unification study process which will begin this summer.


Kermit Titrud, a missionary in the Philippines, spoke to Mrs. Hommerding’s Eagle Valley third grade class last week and explained some of the cultural differences. Titrud is spending the year in Clarissa and has two children attending Eagle Valley this year.

50 Years Ago

January 22, 1970

First Sergeant Clarence R. Stern, son of Mrs. Katherine Timmer, Clarissa, received his third award of the Army Commendation Medal near Da Nang, Vietnam, for meritorious service with the U. S. Army.


The Clarissa Sno Crusin Club met at 1 p.m. on Thursday January 15 at the village hall. Eighteen of the members were present. The trail ride was about 10 miles after which the members stopped and built a huge fire. After eating and getting warm, the members then rode for about another 10 miles before returning home. The temperature that day was six degrees below zero.

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