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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

December 6, 1995

Progressive Grocer’s, an organization and publication dealing with retail grocers of the industry nationwide, in conjunction with wholesalers, recognizes retailers for special achievements. This year, Progressive Grocer Publication in conjunction with SuperValu has recognized Jon and Rita’s SuperValu as attaining outstanding accomplishments in the grocery industry. Jon and Rita are now members of the 1995 Honor Roll for this prestigious honor.


Pictured are Amy Jackson, Beth Ahrens, and Hannah Skillings. Beth is holding the printer donated to the Eagle Valley Elementary School in memory of her brother Henry Ahrens who was killed in a farm accident on October 24 this year. The printer was gifted by the Wirth family, Henry’s great aunts, uncles, and cousins. The printer is located in the library.

50 Years Ago

December 3, 1970

Parents of members of the Clarissa School band held an organizational meeting last Monday evening and chose the name “Tooter Rooters” for their organization and adopted by-laws.


The Clarissa Fire Department was called out about 8 a.m. on Saturday morning when a distributor truck caught fire. The truck was parked next to the Clarissa Ballroom when the fire broke out in the back end of the truck which contained cardboard and wooden cartons of soft drinks.


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