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In Focus

It was only a matter of time before my home office got painted.

Now that I am spending nearly every day working from home, the flat white walls were getting to me. It was time for a change.

I kept trying to push it off until I had more time, then I realized I wouldn’t get that time unless I took the time to do it. So, Thursday afternoon I cleaned up my office and decided to paint it that night.

I moved everything out except my desk and futon, wiped down the walls and headed to town for some paint. I had debated for some time what color I wanted it to be. All my furniture is black and gray. My kitchen and bathroom are already different shades of gray and I didn’t want another gray room. I also wanted something a little on the bright side. With the help of the internet, I finally decided on a color, a light mint green. It looked good with black, gray and white furniture and was just enough of a pop of color.

I headed to the store and purchased one gallon of the minty green color. I figured that would be more than enough as there wasn’t that much wall space between the window, doors and dormer ceiling. That night I barely painted half of the room when I realized I was going to need another gallon of paint. The plaster walls were just sucking it up and they looked blotchy. I did manage to get a single coat of paint across the whole room with that one I wasn’t entirely wrong...

I ended up being very sore. I have tendinitis in my right thumb and my feet were killing me. I remembered why I haven’t painted in a while. The next day I bought another gallon of paint to finish up the job. The minute I grabbed the paint roller my hand was already screaming in pain, but there was no turning back. The second coat took longer than I would have liked as I had to keep taking breaks, but I finally got it done.

Everything was cleaned up and reorganized as items were moved back into the office. I also bought some minty green and white curtains, a green and gray sheet for the futon and a gray rug with a white pattern. The finishing touch was some Edison lights I hung on the wall. My office looks so much better with that pop of green added and it is way more tolerable as I sit at my computer now.

I am glad I finally painted it, but I was so sore for the rest of the weekend. I have a couple other painting projects around the house, but they won’t be getting done anytime soon.



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