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In Focus

Do what makes you happy.

People ask me why I do the light show or decorate 14 Christmas trees inside my house? “That’s a lot of work!” is the comment I hear most often.

Yes, yes it is. So why do I bother putting in so much work to decorate my house for the holidays...inside and out? Because seeing the final result is worth all the hard work that went into it.

It takes me about four days just to decorate the inside of my house for Christmas. People think I’m nuts just for having 14 Christmas trees, in various sizes, decorated around my house. I do it because I like it. And I am finally able to do it. Previously there were space limitations and it was more difficult to decorate.

This being my first home, I may have gone overboard, but I have always wanted to be able to have the space to do this. And now I can. And it makes me happy.

I do what I can, when I can because you don’t know what tomorrow holds, what is going to change in the future and if I will even be able to do it again next year. The future is unknown so I decorate as if it were my last holiday season.

Plus, it also helps to have some high-functioning anxiety that causes me to hyper-fixate on things.

After months of working on the light show and decorating the house, I feel a huge sense of relief and accomplishment.

Now I just have to survive all the Christmas events for the next month. I have to attend and take pictures at concerts, Santa visits, etc. for my job.

So yeah, I may be a crazy decorator with a Christmas tree obsession, but it makes me happy. It’s a perk that it makes others happy as well. We all need a little cheer to get us through the dark months, and I will continue to sacrifice my light bill to bring some light and happiness to others.


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