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In Focus

It may not be traditional, but I am happy the schools found a way to celebrate graduation for the senior Class of 2020.

It’s definitely a unique experience to watch a drive-in style, stay in your cars, and disinfect the microphone after every use, graduation.

This pandemic has caused many hardships in different aspects. I know the seniors were particularly upset they didn’t get to participate in a spring sports season or prom, among other things. But life has to move on.

I think the Class of 2020 has received more recognition than any class that has graduated before them. The football field lights were turned on, they got yard signs, radio ads, a spotlight on social media, videos, parades, even a billboard. I don’t recall any class ever getting that kind of recognition.

I believe this year has set the bar for future generations. I believe future seniors will carry on with some of these “new” soon-to-be traditions for years to come. While they may get a more traditional style graduation ceremony, I enjoyed the drive-in style. Who knows how future ceremonies will be modified or if this will be the “new normal”.

I hope things can get back to some sort of normalcy before the start of the next school year.

Congratulations Class of 2020! You came into this world after 9-11, went through outbreaks of H1N1, Ebola and others and managed to still have a graduation during the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope your college and working years are a little more tame!

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