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In Focus

Happy Spring! Well, that’s what I’d like to say, but Mother Nature isn’t quite ready to cooperate yet and continues to torture us with more and more snow in the forecast. Sigh.

Like you, I am so tired of shoveling and plowing. What’s even worse is that most businesses are not re-stocking the ice melt salt, so it’s even more awesome to traverse my icy sidewalk to get to my car.

My mother is currently in Montana with my aunt and told me it’s in the 40s-50s and when it snows there it melts right away. At least somewhere it is feeling more spring-like. We just get teased when they forecast a 40 degree day, then it turns out to be 20 degrees with an additional windchill.

Since the weather refuses to cooperate and there is still no hope of taking down my Christmas decorations in the yard, I have begun inside projects. I started tearing my kitchen apart over the weekend, and now I am committed to finishing what I started.

Something I have been trying to get accomplished is sealing around the windows with some caulk to help keep the weather and the bugs out of the house. And I couldn’t do that until the windows and surrounding area were cleaned. Near one of the windows the paint was peeling so I helped it along...a little too much...and ended up scraping the lower half of the wall. The lower half of the wall is this ancient tile board that obviously no paint sticks to. So I have some other stick on tile I’m going to use to cover it.

Then I looked at the frame of the kennel door and attempted to tighten it with some more screws, which just made a hole in the tile board. Now I have a hole to deal with. A friend brought me some spray foam to fill the hollow gap and around the kennel door.

I still had to clean the windows themselves. At least I got them sealed...

The project quickly escalated and I figured if I am going to tile half the kitchen, I may as well touch up the window sills with a fresh coat of paint. And I may as well do something with the counter top and paint it. And if I’m going to bust out the paint, I should get the hallway painted as list keeps growing...

All of this because I just wanted to caulk and seal the window sills.

I apparently just keep giving myself more work to do, and I can’t leave something unfinished for long. It’s to the point I’m actually slacking off of work this week to work on house projects. This is apparently how I relax, as I am not one to sit still for long, unless there is a book or video game involved. Plus it’s “spring” so it’s time for spring cleaning!

I will never understand why excessive cleaning and “Do It Yourself” projects make me happy...but they do...

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