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In Focus

Since the beginning of the year, things seem to just continue to worsen.

As if the COVID-19 situation wasn’t bad we have destructive rioting occurring across the globe.

I was in complete shock when I saw the video of George Floyd’s death at the hands, well knee, of a Minneapolis cop. It was wrong and disturbing on so many levels. And the other cops at the scene did nothing to help Floyd as he was asking for help with his last gasps. People have every right to be angry. I know I am.

People have every right to protest peacefully, but these riots have to stop. I believe the rioting stopped being about Floyd and became more about causing mayhem. I don’t believe people would burn down their own neighborhoods to make a point. We are now finding out that most of the rioters that were arrested were from out of state. These people came here to cause destruction. They have no ties here and don’t care what happens to our communities.

It has been hard to turn on the TV or scroll through social media with the endless violence and destruction happening in our state and across the nation. And I think it is fueled by the quarantine. People have had enough and this was just the spark that ignited the fire.

I am thankful to live in a small town away from all of the turmoil, amongst the “rocks and cows” where we are safe. I can’t imagine walking outside in the morning to fires and complete destruction, having other businesses and transportation shut down, leaving people stranded and without a way to fulfill their basic needs.

I am glad to see the communities come together and provide necessities for one another and band together to help clean up the debris. I am happy to see people donating to help places affected by the riots to rebuild.

I can only hope something good will come from all of this. I can’t believe the racism in our state and our country, and events like this will only continue to divide everyone.



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