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In Focus

Apparently, this is the third snowiest season in the area’s history. I really don’t want to see it make it to first or second place.

Like the rest of you, I am so tired of winter, tired of the constant snow, tired of constant shoveling, and the melting that turns to ice and we just keep repeating the whole process. Now it sounds like we are going to get dumped on again this week.

Mother Nature, please stop. We need spring now.

The good news is I saw robins in my yard this weekend, so hopefully, we may soon see spring. We are tired of getting teased with 40 degree sunny days, just to turn around and see colder temps, freezing rain and snow again.

The melting over the weekend was nice. I was able to knock down some ice dams, finally, but my poor sidewalk is entirely flooded. It’s a low spot and the water currently has no where to go. I’ve tried digging a channel for the water to drain, but busting through the ice is quite difficult. On the other hand, I have an indoor ice skating rink as the entire floor of my garage is covered with ice.

Cleaning up the garage is going to be a feat with all this water. I tried to get the ladder out the other day, but nope, it was frozen to the floor. Nothing in the garage is moving for a while. The main garage door won’t even open.

And I will be celebrating Easter with my outdoor Christmas decorations still outdoors again. They are buried so deeply in the snow, I wonder if I will be able to remove them by prom or even graduation at this rate. Some of the decorations are completely buried, while Santa’s head is just barely above the snow.

A lot can happen in a month, but I fear with all this snow we are going to experience some nasty flooding whenever spring does arrive.

I would really like to start planting some veggies, but I fear I would have an indoor garden until June. This growing season is going to be horrible—probably a short season. And it seems our falls are never long enough so our growing season is shortened.

Also, it seems there is lots of spring fever mixed with seasonal depression which is quite the trip. Spring cleaning has been my only outlet to deal with this anxiety. I can’t remember a time my house has been this clean. But I keep finding places to clean and organize, along with other projects to detail later.

Mother Nature, we are tired, cold and miserable. Please stop.


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