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In Focus

Planting time!

I was so happy to finally get outside and work on the garden this weekend. I am not a green thumb by any means, but I have been pretty lucky so far.

Last year was pretty much an experiment for me. And I think it went okay, considering some things I threw in the plot pretty late in the season, such as watermelon and cantaloupe. I was soo excited to see them growing. They each got around softball size before the freeze came, so that didn’t help. But I was on a mission this year.

I started seeds inside, including the watermelon and cantaloupe, along with some beans and other veggies and they just took off. In just two weeks they had already outgrown their planter. They had to get in the ground.

Thankfully, the neighbor and I had been cleaning up and tilling just days before so I was able to get them out and planted on the squash tunnel. It will be a test of the tunnel and seeing if we will get some actual fruit this year. I am really hoping.

Last year I had some rabbit issues. This year I got some fencing to hopefully keep them out. They have already attacked my flower bed and ate a budding tulip. I am not happy. It’s the first year of them coming up and they have been chewed half to death by these furballs. I just want to see the tulips!

I am pretty hopeful this year now that most of the stuff is planted and early! I have more stuff coming and I am excited to see what it looks like. I have some black tomatoes, cucamelons and purple and yellow beans because green is boring. There will be a ton of tomatoes and hopefully cucumber, zucchini and squash.

I was never a gardener, but I now understand the joy of playing in the dirt and watching food grow. I am looking forward to expanding and growing different, exotic things. I’d love to try and grow some ginger root and other fun stuff.

I’m just happy it’s finally spring and we can enjoy the nice weather while waiting for the flowers to bloom.


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