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In Focus

It has been a long week.

It is getting close to time to set up the Fourth of July light show. I have been working on it the past month or so, but this week we had to finish some building projects for the show.

I got this idea to make large stars. I saw an idea on Pinterest to make them out of yardsticks. I found something similar to use and used wood glue and a staple gun to construct them. Then I had to drill holes in them for the lights. This is where the problem came in. I had to use two different sizes of drill bits to drill one hole as the bit I needed wasn’t sharp enough to pierce the wood. Things started out fine, then the pieces started to split down the middle. I ended up using more glue and even spackle to fill the cracks. Then they were painted silver and I had to push the lights through the holes one at a time. This proved to be a challenge and I had to re-drill some holes so the lights would fit. I am not a carpenter by any means, but the stars seem to be holding together and look good in the dark.

I purchased two flag net lights. They are over six feet long and they looked really cool. We had to build two frames for them out of PVC pipe.

I also had another idea for an art project which was painting two pallets to look like flags. A neighbor volunteered to paint them and I am so thankful as that was a huge help and they look great. Another friend came over and drilled some holes in the garage wall so I have a place to run my extension cords other than through the window.

I seriously could not have gotten these projects done without their help. Thank you everyone! Only one building project left and a projector video to put together and that should be everything.

I think I have seven songs programed and hope to get it all set up this weekend. My hope is to run the show from June 20 through July 11. It will not be up and running if there is a thunderstorm as I am not going to risk a lightening strike.

I’m excited to see how this turns out!



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