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In Focus

Fairs and summer festivals are in full swing.

Depending on the size of the celebration, it takes a small army to pull it off, and most of the group is volunteers.

Every year I hear someone complain that there doesn’t seem to be much happening at these events. I love the people that always suggest what entertainment or activities should be included, but they don’t do anything to help out to bring in more things to do.

Here is the deal, the regular volunteers are doing their best to put together a memorable event. Keyword...volunteers...they aren’t getting paid to do what they do. And yet, they have to constantly deal with more criticism than hearing some thanks for what they do. That is wearing on a person and is part of the reason why some of the volunteers want off of committees or resign from boards. It’s also why it’s even harder to get anyone to volunteer to help organize these events.

I’m grateful for the fairs and festivals and the work that goes into putting them together. If you want them to be better, you need to step up and volunteer.

Another issue is these committees need funds to put these events on. This requires fundraising, so feel free to donate or help put on a fundraiser.

If you have an idea to bring in something new for an event, great! Bring it to the committee and help them make it happen. Ideas and help are always welcome.

These events are important to the community, not only for fun, but to bring funds in whether it’s buying gas at the local gas station or buying a burger at the restaurant or spending money on rides or fun activities at the local event.

If you don’t like how your local festival was managed, feel free to join the committee and make a change in the future years. Change only comes if you put in the work.

And please thank the volunteers who put in the work to keep your town festival or fair thriving.

Enjoy your town celebrations and county fairs!


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