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In Focus

My lovely, crazy neighbor, brought over four cakes and a container of doughnuts.

My mom just recently celebrated her birthday. On that day, she caught one of our neighbors sneaking cakes into the house, white cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheese cake slices of various flavors, and a container of doughnuts. Why so much!?

When I texted her about it, she simply sent an Oprah meme “you get a cake! and you get a cake!” I shouldn’t be surprised.

But mom wasn’t the only one who had a birthday this month­— two other neighbors do as well—one earlier this month and one coming up after Christmas. As has become kind of a tradition with us three sets of neighbors, we go out to eat together and celebrate the three birthdays. So we did just that recently.

Those celebrating their birthdays got to wear a sombrero and eat a tasty churro. Of course, the sneaky neighbor and her hubby picked up the entire bill, unbeknownst to the rest of us. Sneaky, but we were grateful.

By the time we were done stuffing ourselves, there was no room for the cake buffet.

So...the next night...

We invited everyone over for a cake buffet.

This was the cake supplier’s plan, to get everyone together for cake. It was a great time, with great neighbors. I am grateful to have such amazing neighbors, despite how many cakes they try to sneak into the house.

I’m sure we will still have some left for Christmas...


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