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In Focus

Where has summer gone?

It felt like it had just started and it is already August!

Even though most of the summer events were cancelled, time has still flown by. Now we wait on the fate of back to school.

I am glad the Governor left the decision up to the schools, for the most part. While I was in Ohio visiting family that included my sister and step-mom who are teachers, they were told their students have the option of distance learning or in-person. The catch is whatever decision they make, they have to stick with it the rest of the school year and can’t change their mind. I couldn’t imagine distance learning for an entire school year. I’m glad to hear Minnesota will be more flexible.

I also know that school this year will be different. It will be interesting to hear how each school will be handling it. I’ve read so many things online about classroom ideas from distancing desks six feet to adding barriers between desks as well as wearing masks in the building. I wonder if the school boards will update their dress code policies to include masks? You can get almost anything printed on a mask. Maybe they will make some for the school with their mascot on it? I guess time will tell.

I know the fate of sports is still in question. I’ve even heard they could swap the sports seasons and start with the spring sports instead of fall sports. That could be interesting, but at the same time it could be a good thing if that means they will let school sports return to participation. Hopefully, there will be good news coming from the high school league soon.

And what about homecoming? Will schools host it and how would that work? Would it be a socially distanced parade? Would there be a coronation? I know we have a little time to figure things out, but September will be here sooner then we think and I hope there will be some sense of normalcy for everyone.

I know the pandemic has been hard on all of us. A break from reality would be a nice change of pace.



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