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In Focus

What a great weekend we had! I never thought we’d have 70-degree weather in November.

It was so much easier to swap out Halloween for Christmas in my yard display without fighting the elements. I took full advantage of it.

I spent a couple of evenings working in the yard to take down Halloween decorations. Once the weekend hit, Christmas exploded in my yard. I know it seems early, but I wasn’t going to wait and do this in the cold!

I definitely got my workout in. My knees and back are still sore, but at least it is done. As much as it sucked working in the wind on Sunday, it was also nice to see if the decorations would stay standing. There a few things that need more ground stakes and zip ties, but it held up pretty well.

Now I am just making some adjustments. I was going to have all of my floodlights red and green, but it kind of looked like a horror movie, so some of those have been changed. My gold deer are now on a platform rather than sitting on the ground and I am still not 100 percent sure I like where my spiral trees are located. But there is still time to adjust.

We have so many new items and lights this year. We have seven new inflatables, including a 14 foot long Santa sleigh and reindeer. Mom tried to put it on the roof, but it didn’t work out. He is secured in the yard with the giant Olaf. I think he is possibly 13 feet tall! He’s huge! Mom may have done some after-Christmas shopping last year. She also picked up a bunch of LED lights on sale and they came in very handy.

I’m glad most of my lights are LED this year. It’s super bright and will be more gentle on my electric bill.

I’m excited for everyone to see the Christmas light show. The plan is for it to officially be turned on Thanksgiving night.

We will continue raising funds for the food shelf. I also had some last-minute donations come in from the Halloween show. I will let you know the final total soon.



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