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In Focus

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving! Ours went well. We broke out the inside Christmas decorations and started decorating the house.

The cats enjoyed jumping in every box and tote. We had to watch Pumpkin because she loves to chew on cardboard.

The house is always a disaster when the decorations come out. It took a good three days to decorate and then clean up. But it’s well worth it to me.

There is a Christmas tree in every room of our house. Mom has a shark-themed tree in her bedroom. I have a pink and red tree in mine. Even my office has a small silver tree with green ornaments to match my mint green and gray office. There is also a tree in every front window of the house. We have spent a long time accumulating our tree collection from garage sales and thrift stores over the years. The only tree I paid full price for was my black one, and that was only $40. It’s still my favorite tree. It is my Halloween tree and for Christmas, it transforms into the red and gold poinsettia tree. I love Christmas trees!

Speaking of trees, we started a Christmas tree drive to help out people that may not have the funds to buy one this year. A kind gentleman, who does not want to be identified, dropped off three real Christmas trees, lights, and tree toppers. He even gave me $100 to buy more stuff for the drive! The trees were gone in less than two hours.

On Sunday, mom saw a few totes by her car. I brought them in to figure out what they were. The totes contained two more artificial trees that were very nice. As of Monday morning, only one remained. I think the drive is off to a very good start!

The drive will continue through December 13. If you have a tree, lights, or decorations you wish to part with, please drop them off at the Hewitt Holiday House. I will post on our Facebook page so you can check and see what’s available. The trees are left on the sidewalk out front so there is no contact. Thank you very much to the mystery donors!

On another note, the opening weekend of the Christmas light show went great! There was a steady flow of cars and the donation box contained $150 which included a $100 bill! Thank you again, donors! The funds will go to the Bertha Community Food Shelf.

The only issue I am having right now is my FM transmitter. I thought we had it fixed and a few days later it went on the fritz again. I’m just going to have to break down and buy a new one. It seems to work when it wants to. I will do what I can to keep it going until the replacement arrives so visitors can enjoy the light show.


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