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In Focus

Everywhere I look people are talking about the Coronavirus. Every time a new case is diagnosed in the U.S. social media is flooded. Yes, we have a confirmed case in Minnesota right now. I’m sure there will be more.

Yes, it’s a nasty illness that can kill people, but the flu has killed thousands more. Facemasks, toilet paper, soap and hand sanitizer are flying off the shelves. People are prepared to quarantine themselves to avoid it and work from home.

Why dosen’t this happen when people have the flu? People go to work sick, send their sick kids to school and nobody bats an eye as it spreads like wildfire through communities.

People believe the beer is associated with this. It is not! I’m honestly disappointed some people belive this. I saw a great meme online that sums up how I feel about the virus:

Neil Diamond: Hands

CDC: Wash hands

Neil Diamond: Touching hands

CDC: Not advisable

Neil Diamond: Touching you

CDC: Please avoid doing that

Neil Diamond: Sweet Caroline

CDC: Ba ba baaa

Everyone, please calm down. We have dealt with the avian flu, swine flu, ebola, SARS and other outbreaks. It sucks and as history has proven, something else will pop up eventually.

As someone with no immune system that had the flu shot and still got the flu this year, I’m not happy about this virus spreading, but in my opinion it’s preventable. Please, wash your hands and stay home if you don’t feel well.



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