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In Focus

I like video games, and winter is my gaming season. Lately, I have watched many videos about the mobile game Among Us so I decided to check it out.

The premise is that you are on a spaceship with other crew mates, but at least one of them is an imposter. The imposter’s role is to sabotage the ship and kill the crew. The crew mates’ job is to complete tasks and try to find the imposter among them and eject him from the ship to win the game. If not, the imposter wins.

You can’t talk to each other during the game. Only after a meeting is called, you can talk with everyone to discuss who they think the imposter is or who is “sus” (suspicious). Imposters are randomly selected. The few times I was the imposter, it was difficult and I was quickly caught. Some would just fess up when caught and have a laugh, while others tried to blame someone else and create doubt in the group.

This game is pretty fun. I stuck with a group for a while and ended up bonding with a player “MsKooKie”. In the game, you can use any name you want. Everyone wears a different color uniform and some funny hats and accessories. Crew mates refer to each other by the color of their uniforms. So, MsKooKie was Purple and I was Pink.

Also, the dead bodies are hilarious. They look like a turkey leg with pants...just one bone and legs.

After an incident where Purple was ejected, even though she was with me and not the imposter, the other crew mates wouldn’t listen. In the next round, Purple and I ended up following each other around to do our tasks and watch each other’s back. Declaring each other as “safe” and not imposters, it was easier to weed out the imposters and win the game. It kept happening and we never even talked about teaming up. I was trusting a complete stranger.

In another round, Purple and I headed into a room so I could complete a task. The next thing I knew there was a dead body and just Purple and I were in the room. I waited for a second and another player ran in. Purple killed him. She was the imposter but did not kill me. I could have turned her in, but I decided to have some fun and see how far we could get before getting caught.

Well, someone saw what happened and called a meeting, calling out Purple for being an imposter. I tried to convince them saying, “How can that be when I’m alive and standing right next to her?” The crew saw right through our ruse and ejected Purple, winning the game.

As we waited for the next round to start, we were still laughing in the chat room and people were either laughing with us or just baffled that we teamed up like that. It was epic. Everyone said “gg” (good game).

You never know what’s going to happen when you are playing detective with random strangers from who knows where. It really is a lot of fun!


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