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Who are you?

A few years ago my mom had a massive heart attack that resulted in her receiving a stent and a pacemaker/defibrillator. It was a difficult few months. At that time we were renting a trailer house in Bertha.

I remember reviewing documents at a Bertha City Council meeting to see a strange charge on my water bill. I asked the city clerk about it and she informed me someone had put $200 on my water bill...but, she wouldn’t tell me who.

Shock is about the best way I could describe how I felt. Why would anyone do that? I was beyond grateful for this mystery person, especially at that time since mom was out of work and we were struggling to pay our bills.

The “water fairy” struck again recently with another deposit on my water bill. I began thinking it had to be someone my mom or I knew. Another time when I went to pay for my car repairs and someone had already paid the bill...I remember racking my brain about who would even know about my car trouble. Trying to find some clue who this person was...I kept coming up empty. All I remember was a message saying “pay it forward.”

It has been several years since this happened. I still don’t know who this gracious person is or if it’s multiple people. I don’t know.

We have since moved to Hewitt, got back on our feet, and have been able to live comfortably. Even with my identity theft issue, the bank issued me credit in the amount taken while the investigation continues. While it is frustrating, I am fine, I promise.

The other day I received a text message with a photo from the Hewitt city clerk. I had to read the message several times because I was in shock...

The water fairy is back...

She explained someone dropped off $100 in Bertha to put on my account, but I don’t live in Bertha anymore. So, the money and a note were taken to Hewitt. The note said “Plz put toward Treva and Trinity Gruenberg’s acct. From “Santa”! Plz don’t tell them where it came from. =) Thank you.”

Why? I have no idea! Am I grateful? Of course! Do I know who it is? I have no clue!!!

I think the timing is ironic due to my recent identity theft. Is it because of that? I have spent the last few days, once again, racking my brain on who this could be. I have no idea. Really.

So, “Santa”, thank you. Thank you for caring and for your extremely kind gesture. We are truly grateful. You really didn’t have to, but thank you. I don’t know if you are the same person from before or not, but mom and I are grateful for all you have done for us. I hope you had a great Christmas and I hope this message finds you. Thank you.

There are two city clerks, and possibly a public works supervisor, who probably know who the water fairy is, but I don’t. Also, thank you to the “accomplices” Janet, Tara and Adam for fulfilling “Santa’s” request.


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