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In Focus

For as long as I can remember I have loved “dark” decor. I love skulls and I could easily live in a Halloween-themed room.

Since it has been three years since I moved into my house, I have finally figured out what to do with my bedroom. It’s going to be Gothic Victorian/steampunk.

The room is currently three shades of pink, including pink stripes on the main walls. Ironically enough, I painted this room several years ago when someone else lived here before we bought the house.

I have decided...I will be painting the walls bright red...whenever that leak is fixed anyway.

I’m trying to purchase a new bed frame. My memory foam mattress is only a few years old, but the frame is terrible. It’s metal and I hate trying to rest my head between the metal poles of the headboard. I think its lifespan is over and I’m done being tortured.

I found the perfect frame and headboard online. It’s a solid, black, Victorian-inspired headboard. I couldn’t hit “order” fast enough!

Well, the frame came and I had been waiting patiently for the headboard. I finally contacted the company to check on it and they showed the shipment was complete. Well, that’s not going to work!

It sucks, but I am returning the bed and will be buying another one. Here’s hoping this one is complete when I receive it.

I also dislike my ceiling fan. I never use it and the thing is impossible to balance. That is going to be replaced with a steampunk fixture with Edison light bulbs.

All of my tiger, skull, and star decor will fit in nicely. I can’t wait. I also found they make coffin bookshelves. I think they’re really neat and I would love to have one in my room.

I’m also searching for a new nightstand and chair. But Victorian-inspired pieces are stupidly expensive!

What am I getting myself into? I can’t wait for garage sales to start. Maybe I can find something reasonably priced that I can transform into the exact thing I want.

I have a feeling this project will take a while to complete...


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