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In Focus

Well, this week has been stressful. There is so much happening with this Coronavirus. It changes daily! People are worried, and bored with everything shut down.

                I’m patiently waiting for my bonfire pit to reveal itself under the snow.

                I have had several people send me an article that’s floating around about people turning on their Christmas lights to bring some light and cheer to these dark times.

                I think it’s a great idea!

                I spent most of the weekend in my yard trying to unbury items under the layers of ice, chipping away at it with a claw hammer. I have tried, and they won’t turn on. There’s just too much mositure and until I can uncover my boxes protecting the plugs, there isn’t much more I can do right now.

                Trust me, I would love to turn the lights back on just to give people something they can do while social distancing. I think it would be nice if people could grab some take out and watch the  light show. Hopefully, the weather cooperates and melts more of this white crap to make it possible. Only time will tell at this point.

                In the meantime, I am asking those of you who still have your Christmas lights out, or wish to put some back up, turn them on. It will be a pleasant distraction for everyone, especially children, to look at some pretty lights during these gloomy times.

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