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In Focus

My dear little sister got married over the weekend. I flew to Ohio and was there most of the week helping with everything I could. My week was pretty much planned out for me from the moment I landed until I left. I wouldn’t call it a vacation, but it was great to see my family and meet the in-laws.

The venue was a barn with an old colonial-style house on the property for people to stay in. Most of the wedding party stayed there. I opted to stay at my dad’s place for sanity purposes.

I did spend the entire wedding day at the venue because of hair and make-up sessions. Much like here, it was hot and humid. The guys were in gray tuxes and we bridesmaids in burgundy floor-length dresses. My 12-year-old little brother was a groomsman, as well. Our male cousin was a bridesmaid in a matching burgundy suit. It was awesome.

My sister did “first looks” with her husband, which none of us got to see. We were sequestered to the house during this time. My dad was happy to see the final result. He had seen her in the dress beforehand. My adorable little brother cried.

The ceremony went very well. Our uncle was the officiant. My sister tried to hold it together with a combination of laughing and crying. It was sweet.

Then there was a magical moment. As the newlywed couple were introduced to those gathered and began to walk down the aisle there was a breeze that lightly scattered leaves from the trees. It caught everyone’s attention. The timing was perfect. My sister felt as if it were her best friend, who had died tragically a few years ago, showing her presence and blessing their union.

The reception was great. I spent the evening bouncing around talking to people. It was kind of funny because friends of the family and the in-laws had heard of me, but never actually met me until this past weekend. It was like I was some elusive figure. It was finally proven that I am in fact a real person.

It was a great night.

The next day I went to my little brother’s baseball game before I flew home. Well, a few minutes into the game he ended up finding a hole in the outfield and severely sprained his ankle. I felt bad for him. He is doing okay and was able to get wrapped up and released before I had to leave, so I am thankful for that. What a way to end a trip.

I drove home in a thunderstorm and got home around midnight. I think the week went pretty well and it was fun.

But...I feel like I need a vacation just to recover...


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