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In Focus

I loathe Mondays.

I don’t know why but Mondays always seem to be the worst day of the week for technical issues in one way, shape or form.

Most of the time my laptop cooperates. Usually, it is a fight to get it to connect to the internet. For the rest of the week, there seem to be no issues.

Usually, the computer is running slow, is a little glitchy, oh you want to update software? Now? What the heck. Not like I have much of a choice if I want to get something done. I can just tell when the computer wants to update. I just have to figure out what wants to update...Windows? Adobe? Hardware? Who knows! They’re all needy.

Not to mention I am trying to lay out pages for two newspapers and have to get to my Monday meetings.

That’s the other Monday issue.

Most of my school board and city council meetings are on Monday nights. Some are even on the same night and at the same time. When a holiday pops up on a Monday, the entire month of meetings is totally thrown off. This month I had two meetings one Monday night, and three meetings the following Monday night. Thank goodness I have other staff to help out but I still had to drop off a recorder at one meeting, attend another and a co-worker covered the third. Mondays are easily 10 hour days.

For some reason, a few schools pick Monday evenings for concerts or other activities, especially around the holidays. Three meetings and a concert? Cool, who’s covering what? I’m so happy I have co-workers that can assist with these events.

Another occurrence is when someone decides to have a special meeting on a Monday, of course. Sure! Let me go run head first into a brick wall, then I’ll figure out a plan to cover it. It’s not like the members of one board know what the other cities and school board schedules are. Plus they have to work around other activities within their own organization. It’s not their fault but it sure can make for a long night for me.

I also swear I have had more car troubles on a Monday than any other day. Hopefully, I won’t have any of those for some time but anything is possible. Of course this time of year the roads are sketchy at best so that factors in too.

Least I forget that last minute breaking news that happens over the weekend. It’s difficult to get any information until Monday which is paper deadline day and the paper is put together and sent to print that day pressure there!?!

In short, Mondays are not my favorite day of the week.



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