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Kenyon takes the reigns at Browerville Hardware

by Erika Baker

Hardware Hank in Browerville has a new owner. Barbara Kenyon, a 2015 Browerville graduate, took ownership on May 1. Prior to this, Kenyon worked for many years in the hardware store with the previous owner, Tad Hoefs.

Hoefs purchased the hardware store in 1999 from Iten & Heid. Back then the store looked quite different. Glass cases and big square tier shelves were what filled the store and held the items that were on display to sell. The store dates all the way back to the 1900s.

Many different businesses have come and gone through the doors of this building over the many years. It originally housed a business that made harnesses for horses and was a dentist's office and eventually a funeral home. At one time it was the Original Bank, which in and around the 1960s then became the Iten & Heid Funeral Home. . .



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