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Kirscht writes book on the Snyderverse

by Trinity Gruenberg

Fictional superheroes have entranced most of us at some time or another. Either by watching cartoons as kids to the blockbuster movies of today, they continue to captivate us.

Daryn Kirscht was no exception. The 2012 Bertha-Hewitt graduate shared his love for the Zach Snyder DC cinematic universe in his first book The Snyderverse Saga which was available on October 26. The Snyderverse is centered on a series of superhero films based on characters who appeared in comics.

After high school, he attended Central Lakes College in Brainerd for two years where his professors told him he was too good and needed to be an English major. He transferred to the University of Minnesota Morris and majored in English. It was at the university that Kirscht met his now-wife Katelyn.

Kirscht resides in the Grand Forks area with Katelyn. He currently works at Phoenix Elementary School as a library paraprofessional.

“Superman is my favorite character and that’s how I perceive the world and Batman is just Batman. He’s awesome,” he chuckled.

He enjoyed watching the Christoper Reeve Superman movies with his parents, Joel and Shellie, as a kid, as well as the Michael Keaton Batman movies and the animated series. . .



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