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Kiselewski work featured in Smithsonian book

by Guest Author

Tim King

“Peace” is a sculpture created by Browerville Native Joseph Kiselewski. In the above photo, Kiselewski is pictured putting some finishing touches onto his work. You can see the scale of the work from this photo. Each dove had to support the weight of a 250 pound man.

“Peace”, a sculpture by Browerville native Joseph Kiselewski, is featured prominently in a new book published by the Smithsonian Institution. The book, titled Time Will Not Dim: American Battle Monuments Commission, A Century of Service; 1923 - 2023, is named after a statement made by General John Pershing, who, among other things, was the first chairman of the Commission.

“Time Will Not Dim the Glory of Their Deeds,” Pershing said of American soldiers lost in war.

Kiselewski’s “Peace” is a twelve foot bronze woman, with three doves over her right shoulder, placed before the WWII Memorial Chapel in the Veterans Cemetery in Margraten, Holland. . .



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