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Leasman’s work to be featured

Nancy Packard Leasman of rural Long Prairie and a graduate of Wadena High School has been using her artistic and writing abilities to put together a fine collection that will be featured in May at the New York Mills Cultural Center and at the Long Prairie Senior Center in June.

Nancy Packard Leasman, a Wadena High School graduate of the class of 1971, will be featured in the New York Mills Cultural Center (NYMCC) gallery gift shop in the month of May and at the Long Prairie Senior Center for the month of June. An artist and writer, Leasman’s work includes watercolors (reproduced as note cards) and ten books.

Leasman has been a recipient of grant support from the Five Wings Arts Council and Springboard for the Arts.

“Grants from these organizations are not only financial support, but they are also votes of confidence,” said Leasman.

All applications are reviewed by panels of artists and arts board members. Decisions to award grants indicate an appreciation for the level of skill of the artist. . .


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