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Let Love Live: New rescue shelter open in Wadena

by Trinity Gruenberg

A new foster-based dog rescue has opened its doors and its hearts in Wadena.

The Let Love Live organization is based in Texas and it was decided to open a satellite location in Wadena.

The organization’s President Debbie Deany and Vice President Evan Penhasi consider the dogs at the highest risk of euthanasia or not finding a home. They lean towards the dogs that have the least likely opportunity.

Becky Costner was hired on as the Midwest director and they quickly got started on February 1. Costner has been in the rescue business since 2016. She encountered Let Love Live while she worked at the Wadena County Humane Society.

When they were getting established they didn’t have a location and the first transport with 14 dogs was done at Costner’s home. The next day they found the dogs homes or foster parents to reside with.

It wasn’t long before they found a home base for the rescue shelter. Costner spoke with Craig Folkestad who handed over the keys to their new location on Jefferson Street. The location has housed several things in the ambulance garage, floral shop, and a pharmacy.

The building includes room for the transports to unload the dogs, and a kennel area for dogs waiting to be picked up. There is also space for potential adopters to meet dogs.

They are in the process of removing the carpet and waterproofing the floors. . .


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