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Letter to the Editor (Sun)

To the Editor:

Minnesota has, by statute, regional library systems that cover the state. The region Wadena County is part of is KRLS headquartered in Pine River. There are nine libraries in the five counties in this region.

The libraries that Wadena County supports are the Wadena City Library and the Outreach Bookmobile.

Both the city in which the libraries are located and the counties in which they are located are required to pay an annual amount set by the headquarters. Neither the city nor the county have any part in the day-to-day operations. The headquarters provides management to all locations which is much more efficient than all would be on their own.

The total contribution from both city and county is somewhat under $200K.

Like a lot of things, most of the money comes from state funding. In addition, the cities in which the libraries are located must provide and pay all expenses relating to the building.

Part of the county levy supports the Bookmobile. There is only one bookmobile, which serves 13 locations in four counties.

This part is very important and used in Wadena County. Over 50% of the total usage occurs in Menahga, Sebeka, and Nimrod. The use dropped during the pandemic but is rebounding and total checks in these three locations should be over 7000 in 2022.

Murlyn Kreklau

District 4 Commissioner



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