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Local groups take students ice fishing

by Karin L. Nauber

On Thursday, March 4, students and teachers from Christ the King Catholic School in Browerville took a field trip out to Horseshoe Lake in rural Browerville to try their hand at ice fishing.

For many of the students, this was a first-time outing on the ice.

The Browerville Sportsmens Club along with the Christ the King Catholic Church Men’s Group helped make the outing possible. They provided the fishing supplies and drilled all of the holes for the students and anyone with the group that wanted to fish.

Each student had their own hole to fish from.

According to Principal Cindy Iten, “Every summer the Men’s Prayer Group takes children interested in fishing out on an area lake. Knowing things are so unavailable due to COVID, I approached the group and asked if they would be interested in an ice fishing expedition?”

Iten also asked the Browerville Sportsmen’s Club if they would be interested in assisting.

The Sportsmen’s Club also donates to CTK’s 5th and 6th grade Long Lake Trip. This trip is a three-day, two-night stay at a conservation camp.

Horseshoe Septic donated the use of a porta-potty during the ice fishing expedition.

“Forty-two students and all nine staff members were able to participate. . .


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