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Local Schools Stand Strong Amidst Recent Threats

by Trinity Gruenberg

Several area schools received various threats over the past few weeks from isolated incidents to spoofed calls.

The Verndale School was notified of a concerning Snapchat. Superintendent Jeannie Mayer sent a message to families on JMC:

“Dear families, this afternoon, school staff received a notification from students of some disturbing Snapchat messages in our high school. We contacted local law enforcement to investigate the incident. The student in question will face disciplinary action, as per school policy. Please note that we cannot share further details due to our legal responsibility to maintain student confidentiality. What we can share is that our school is safe. We appreciate the individuals who reported the situation. They did the right thing, and we encourage others to do the same if they find themselves in a similar situation. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being responsible when interacting with others online and via social media. We ask that our families speak with their children about this issue and encourage them to be mindful of what they post online.”

On January 21, the Wadena-Deer Creek Schools received a threat and decided to remain closed on Monday, January 22, to investigate the threat....




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