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Looking Back

25 Years Ago

January 4, 1995

It’s a long way from playing in the Bertha High School’s brass quartet to becoming the First Trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. But Adolph (Bud) Herseth did it! Herseth was recently featured in The Smithsonian with an article written by Jim Doherty, a member of the Board of Editors.


The Carrie Lindblom home was decorated and family members gathered early on Saturday for a Christmas party. Those attending were, Beverly and Clayton Piepkorn, Loren and Roxy Alexander, Chris, Rebecca and Jessica David and Cathy Piepkorn, Phillip and Heather and Kara of St. Paul, Sandy and Terry Wiczek of Baudette, Stephanie and Jacklyn, Todd and Cheri Sevenson, Rex and Ann Lindblom of Park Rapids, Chuck and Wanda Westin, Dick and Kris Huebsh, Karie, Joey, Jacob and Daniel of Staples.

75 Years Ago

January 4, 1945

“They died for America” as shown in the front pages with the notation, “Munda Cemetery on New Georgia Island, the resting place of hundreds of American fighting men—possibly even some you know. That these men shall not have died in vain, buy an extra $100 War Bond today.”


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grams received a telegram from the government Sunday stating “Regret to inform you, your son Pfc. Paul A. Grams was slightly injured in action, 12 December in Germany.”



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