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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

January 8, 1997

The Bears cage team pulled off an upset to start the second half of the cage season. It was a 56-46 win over rival Verndale who had just finished winning the Browerville Cage Tournament. For the Bears, it was their second win of the season against three losses. Senior Captain Corey Hennagir returned to the Bears lineup after an ankle injury early in the second quarter of the first game. Corey came back with a rush as he hit three quick shots to give the Bears an early 7-0 lead.


Several students at the Bertha-Hewitt School competed in the District 5M9 Youth Outreach Poster Contest sponsored by the Bertha Lions and Hewitt Lions and Lioness clubs and District 5M9. The contest was open to 6-8th grade students and the posters were to address drug/alcohol abuse, awareness, anger/violence choices. Pictured are the local winners. Alicia Zuehlke (sixth grade, second place), Becky Shaw (seventh grade, first place), Andrea Davenport (eighth grade, third place) Kayla Kirscht (eighth grade, second place) Stacy Denny (eighth grade, first place), Chris Denny (sixth grade, first place), Becky Collom (seventh grade, second place), Laura Freyholtz (seventh grade, third place), Becky Shaw with the Bertha Lions, Chris Denny with the Hewitt Lions and Stacy Denny, Hewitt Lioness. Posters will be advancing to the Mid Winter contest in Brainerd.

75 Years Ago

January 9, 1947

The village council, cognizant of the need for more adequate street lighting in the village, this week ordered all-night lighting for Bertha’s streets and increased wattage wherever deemed necessary. Additional lights will be added at a later date.


Annual solicitation for funds for the National Polio Foundation and the March of Dimes will get underway. The county committee, in view of the epidemic here last year, is hopeful that the public will rise to the occasion and make the most generous contributions in history. Raising funds for the foundation grew out of honoring the birthday of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At that time it was thought a fine fight for the nation to the man who conquered the disease and who was so interested in the means to combat it.


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