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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

March 12, 1997

Erica Rach and Travis Thiel, high school seniors, represented Bertha-Hewitt in the Minnesota State High School League’s Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award program. Rach carries a 3.94 GPA and Thiel a 3.5. Rach was chosen as the top Triple A candidate in our sub-section.


The Bertha Ambulance Service has been in the business of helping people for 27 years. Prior to August 1970, the service was a part of a service of the Bertha Community Memorial Hospital. Swede Anderson, the owner of the funeral home in Bertha, ran an ambulance service using a station wagon. Anderson ran the service from 1965 until 1970. The current ambulance, owned by the ambulance service and was purchased in 1989 has about 36,000 miles. They are looking to replace it in the next two years.

75 Years Ago

March 13, 1947

Bertha Bears were eliminated from the District #22 basketball tournament in the first-round play by Alexandria 34-30. Winning points were scored in the final four seconds of play. Bertha held the upper hand in the game until the final minutes when Bob Schwantz fouled out. Hill led the attack for the winners. The Bears advanced to the District Tournament by defeating Parkers Prairie 46 to 27, and the Deer Creek Wildcats 35 to 33.


Hundreds of people were privileged to view a color motion picture in the theater through the courtesy of Henry Harms and a Minneapolis Moline dealer. The show was “Men With A Mission”, dedicated to the big business of farming. Lunch was served at the Harms Building.

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