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Looking Back

News from Bertha and Hewitt's Past

25 Years Ago

August 16, 1995

Hank Greenwaldt threw a ringer during Saturday’s Bertha Lions Club Horseshoe Tournament. Greenwaldt was throwing against Odel Karsjens of Clark’s Grove. The tournament, for which results were unavailable at presstime, ran smoothly with Mary Kassube at the score table.


The Bertha police squad car was spray-painted with red graffiti. A reward of $300 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

75 Years Ago

August 16, 1945

Bertha, like all other communities in the state and nation, observed V-J day in a quiet and solemn manner, with all business places being closed all day on Wednesday and services being held in most of the churches of the village. The announcement of the war’s end came shortly after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, following a full day of speculation as to whether or not the war would really be ended soon or whether the Japs were only stalling for more time by their lengthy negotiations.


The Office of Price Administration announced an immediate termination of the rationing of gasoline, canned fruits and vegetables, fuel oil and oil stoves. “Nobody is happier than we in the O.P.A.,” Chester Bowles, administrator, said. “As far as gasoline is concerned the day is finally here when we can drive our car wherever we please, when we please, as much as we please.”



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