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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

November 29, 1995

The Bertha-Hewitt School Board discussed food service. The matter was brought up that the elementary students were not being offered bread at the meals. Superintendent Larry Werder said he would look into the matter as a couple of parents had come to him and told him their children came home hungry and were not offered bread at the lunchtime meal.


Naomi Bastain and Faith Klebs were named to the Academic All-Conference for volleyball. Naomi also received a team award for Most Improved Player. Amanda Blashack won the team award for Ms. Spirit.

75 Years Ago

August 2, 1945

Some of Bertha’s musical talent is in the spotlight this week. On Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. over the NBC network, Mrs. Martin Fischer (Edith Steinkrause) and Miss Edith Herseth will sing with the NBC Chorus, appearing on the same program with Arturo Toscanini and his New York Philharmonic Orchestra. We wonder if any community the size of Bertha ever before proved two such talented artists for a music organization as outstanding as the NBC Chorus?


Bertha athletes filled more than their share of space in Ted Peterson’s “Nocan Pickern” column in last Sunday’s Minneapolis Tribune. Mr. Peterson made the W.K. and W.A. Bottemillers one big happy family when he stated that “Bertha also has a pair of brothers, Karl and Bill Bottemiller.” And later in his column, Ted said, “Robert Schwantz of Bertha is only 14 years old, yet stands six foot one and weighs 246 pounds.” But Bob wants it known that he stands six foot two and weighs 236 pounds. Just wait until he gets a growth spurt!


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