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Mason's Monolog

I’d like to talk about the new mask mandate that our fearless leader put into effect starting Saturday, July 25. The basics of it are that you have to wear a mask in all public indoor areas and outdoor areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. If you fail to comply, you are subject to a petty misdemeanor and a fine of up to $100.

I understand that they want people to wear masks for our own protection and the protection of others. Research has shown that wearing a mask can greatly reduce the risk of spreading the disease from one person to another. Masks are to prevent you, if you have the infection without showing symptoms, from passing it along to someone else who is vulnerable and could possibly die from it.

I still feel it should be our own choice as to whether we wear a mask or not.

I’m not going to judge someone for wearing or not wearing a mask. I personally don’t wear one because they make it difficult for me to breathe. I also can’t see when I exhale because my breath condenses on my glasses. It’s not worth the hassle for me.

I feel like this is just a government cash grab that makes anyone an easy target. I think Governor Walz messed up big time on this one. I can see taking precautions to mitigate spreading the virus, but this is just going too far. I see absolutely no reason for this mandate.

I think the people and businesses should decide whether they want their patrons to wear masks or not. Let the people decide if they want to wear a mask when they are out and about or not. That’s our choice to make, not the government’s.

The more I see how Walz is handling COVID and everything that’s gone on over his term, the more I want to just pack up and leave. I didn’t like him or trust his ability to lead from the start, and the way he’s handling things only proves to me that my intuition was right.

In my opinion, COVID has been blown way out of proportion from the start. It has turned into a political game. These mandates and new laws that come out pertaining to it aren’t to protect you, it’s to make the leftists happy and secure votes for another term should the governor decide to run again, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t. A democratic government is not the government we need right now, especially if they’re going to handle things the way Walz does.

Our best bet for beating this virus is gaining herd immunity if we all must catch it...not hiding from it and shielding ourselves from it. I’d rather catch the virus now and be immune to it.

The way this is being executed is absolutely blasphemous and, in my opinion, I find it infuriating that this mandate even came to be. Slowly but surely, our freewill is being taken from us, but I won’t allow that to happen to me.



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