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New rooftop units have arrived

by Trinity Gruenberg

A large crane once again captured the attention of passersby in Verndale on Tuesday, November 29.

Crews were busy hoisting the seven new air handling units onto the school’s roof. The units ranged from four tons to the largest ones reaching 16 tons. The crane can handle up to 170 tons and made short work of the heavy units.

The units had been delayed as they were originally scheduled to arrive in October. During the extended wait, maintenance had to get creative to heat the elementary wing.

“The elementary still had the old unit ventilators for air exchange. They just didn’t have any heat, so we had to open the classroom doors in the evening to get heat into the rooms. We overheated the old gym, opened all the doors and placed fans blowing into the hallways to get more heat into the hallways, thus helping the classrooms heat up,” explained Wade Kern, building/grounds/transportation supervisor. . .



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