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Quilters Raise Money for Kids Across the Globe!

by Dee Goerge

Two quilts will be traveling between Catholic churches in the Wadena area, including St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bertha, over the next couple of months. With special fabric based on photos of Earth taken from space, the quilts won’t travel as far as the photographer did. But members of Mary’s ACC Quilters hope that astronaut Karen Nyberg’s fabric line will help their quilt raffle (in partnership with Wadena Knights of Columbus 2107) raise money for children on the other side of the earth in Zambia.

The Quilters

Most of Mary’s ACC Quilters belong to eight churches that are part of Mary Mother of the Church Area Catholic Community (Bertha, Bluegrass, Bluffton, Menahga, Motley, Staples, Verndale and Wadena). They first met in October 2021 to plan quilt-tying gatherings at St. Ann’s Parish Hall in Wadena. . .



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