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Rentz takes third in statewide bus roadeo

by Trinity Gruenberg

Each year the Minnesota Public Transit Association hosts a Bus Roadeo that pits county bus drivers against one another in a friendly competition.

Friendly Rider Driver LeRoy Rentz has been competing in these bus roadeos for the past 10 years. This year, the event was held in St. Cloud on July 9 and 10. He competed against 15 others in his small bus division and took third place.

This is the first time in Friendly Rider’s history that they have had someone place in the top three. Rentz beat his own record when he placed fifth two years ago at the event in Marshall. The roadeo was not held last year due to the pandemic.

This year’s event began Friday evening when the competitors were allowed to check out the buses they would be using for the competition. They were brand new 2021 models with a wheelbase two and a half feet longer than what he was used to.

He kept the extended wheelbase in mind while driving the bus as he knew turning would be slightly different in the new models. . .


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