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Seaton retires from teaching

Health and Phy Ed Teacher Tim Seaton has retired after teaching at the Verndale School the past 29 years. At the Drive-Bye Parade he held up a sign “Show grit, never quit!” as students passed by to say their goodbyes.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Long-time Health and Physical Education Teacher Tim Seaton has retired from teaching after 29 years of service to the Verndale District.

Seaton has spent the majority of his life at the Verndale School. He graduated from Verndale in 1980 and went to college at Moorhead State.

“I have always loved sports,” said Seaton.

Mike Mahlen was his phy ed teacher. Seaton received on-the-job training when he was an assistant to Mahlen.

“I liked it and thought this was something I could do,” said Seaton.

After graduating from college he was a substitute teacher in the area schools. He started teaching phy ed part-time and coaching football and track and did some paraprofessional work.

“It was hard to get a job back when I graduated. There would be 300 people applying for the job. Not like it is today,” he explained.

Seaton was hired full-time at the Verndale School in 1991. He has been an assistant football coach for Mahlen the past 20 years. He coached boys track for 10 years. He has also coached girls softball for eight years and junior high boys basketball.

“It was exciting for me...and to be somewhere that I was comfortable and knew the people and the staff,” he said.

He cited his former teachers and fellow staff for being great role models and he learned much from them....



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