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She was always my real mom

Karen Swain, sitting next to her son David, opened the final gift on Christmas morning in their rural Hewitt home. She burst into tears of joy as the gift was adult adoption papers for Ben Jr. (pictured at right with Karen). It was a gift both of them have always wanted.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Christmas was extra special for one family this year when mother Karen Swain of Hewitt opened the last gift sitting under the tree.

Ben Swain, Jr., 32, told her to be extra careful unwrapping the gift so it wouldn’t tear.

She opened the package and saw a folder from an attorney’s office. As she read the paperwork, she broke down into tears of joy.

The folder contained documents for an adult adoption of a child. Ben Jr. wanted Karen to be his legal mother.

“As soon as I saw the folder from the attorney, I knew what it was and it triggered so many emotions, because it’s something I always wanted. It meant more to me because he initiated it,” shared Karen.

“I was extremely happy when I saw the joy in her face,” said Ben Jr.

“Everybody cried,” said Faith Swain, Karen’s daughter.

The family all knew what the present was and kept it a secret from Karen. . . .



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