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Step On In may have to step on out: COVID-19 restrictions may close the doors to this business

STEP Director Cory Lawrence gave an emotional request for help through a Facebook video on Friday, June 5. The STEP facility located in Browerville is in danger of closing its doors for good due to COVID-19 and continued restrictions.

by Karin L. Nauber

COVID-19 doesn’t just take human lives. It also takes the lives of businesses and people’s jobs.

This was evident again this past week when STEP (Serving, Teaching and Empowering People) Director Cory Lawrence talked about the very real possibility of the former Todd County DAC closing its doors for good.

Lawrence made a video which played on Facebook on Friday, June 5 to explain why the STEP program had set up a GoFundMe site to raise funds to help keep the facility open until things would return to a more normal state and their clients could return.

“I am doing this video just to kind of explain the GoFundMe fundraiser that we sent out recently and to let you know what STEP is and who we serve and why we’re trying to keep things going,” said Lawrence.

He explained that STEP is located in Browerville and that they also have two sites in Staples—STEP On In Thrift and Baby Steps—one site in Sauk Centre, also a STEP On In thrift site, along with three sites in Browerville including, the main STEP building near the Browerville Public School, the original STEP On In thrift store (The Browerville Mall) and the Senior Site. . . .



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