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Todd County Board of Commissioners: Ag Society requests and questions

by Karin L. Nauber

Due to most of the commissioners being absent because they were attending the AMC Conference, the regular meeting was held on Friday, December 9.

The Todd County Ag Society had a couple of additions to the agenda for a couple of requests that they wanted to take care of.

First was the cement barriers the Ag Society had purchased for use at things like the demolition derbies and other grandstand events.

They said they would like to retain ownership of the blocks and make sure they are left on the fairgrounds.

They said this would save money so the public works wouldn’t have to come out and build dirt berms for the events.

The Ag Society representatives said that other groups who rent the fairgrounds could use the block barricades, too.

Chairman Rod Erickson questioned if the Ag Society was going back on its word about donating the blocks to the county?


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