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Tri-County unveils plans for new hospital

by Trinity Gruenberg

Tri-County Health Care (TCHC) has evolved over the last 95 years. It all began with the Wesley Hospital that opened January 30, 1925. Years later, after two years of

construction, the current hospital was completed and opened in 1974. The facility was remodeled in 2005 with other various remodels since then.

During a building project update held at the former Family Dollar building on January 19, Joel Beiswenger, Tri-County Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president, explained healthcare is delivered differently today than it was in 1974 where 90 percent was inpatient care then, now it’s mostly outpatient.

TCHC is a top employer in Wadena with an economic impact of $97 million with 364 full-time equivalent employees. They project their future impact will add 48 jobs and another $9.6 million annually with $36.5 million for construction.

The current facility is landlocked and they cannot expand outside or inside.

They looked at the cost of remodeling the facility for $50 million, and the cost of a new facility at $70 million. They went with the new facility. The new facility will give them

Mary Peeters, surgery services manager, showed a group the surgery suite during the update held at the former Family Dollar building on January 19. The inside line on the floor is the size of the current surgery room. The outside line on the right shows how much larger the new surgery room will be.

room to expand if they need to.

TCHC purchased land and it will be annexed into the city of Wadena for sewer and water services. It will cost $3.2 million.

MNDoT will not allow them to access the new site from Highway 10 due to safety concerns. The intersection will be realigned and moved.

TCHC will pay $1.3 million for this road work.

MNDoT does not plan to change the 60 mph speed limit through there and will do a traffic study after it is open. . . .



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