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Verndale City Council: Verndale's Infrastructure Upgrades Progressing Steadily

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on May 8.

IT for Police Department

Dave Hotchkiss, IT director for Wadena County, discussed its services with the Verndale Police Department.

They work with BCA and have to follow their rules. With new rules coming down from the FBI, preparations are being made to implement them, as Verndale PD is part of the Wadena County network, and it ensures everyone is on the same records management system for efficiency, while criminal justice information is better secured. An antenna allows law enforcement to remotely and securely upload data.

The county has layers of backup, along with the main system in the courthouse. Verndale’s system isn’t compliant. The new equipment was already ordered and is on the way. . .



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