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Wadena County Commissioners discuss ordinance

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on October 8 at the Wadena County Courthouse.

Tandem Axle Cab

County Engineer/Coordinator Ryan Odden said that they asked for sealed bids for the tandem axle cab and truck chassis and pulled prices from the state contract.

Odden said there were a lot of vendors for a chassis. State auditors suggested shopping for the best price instead of just looking at the state contract.

He recommended the bid from RDO Truck Center in Fargo for $125,334. Also, the 2020 dump body, hoist, snow and ice equipment from Bert’s Truck Equipment of Moorhead for $113,417.

It will be paid from the 2020 budget and will be several months before it’s delivered. The new truck will come with disk brakes and a stainless steel fuel tank.

The commissioners approved.

Wadena County Employer Contribution for 2020 Health Insurance

Odden presented the rates for 2018 through 2020 with an average rate increase of 5.2 percent. It is still cheaper than 2018 rates. . . .



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