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Wadena County Commissioners: Legal newspaper bid statutes: a clash of interpretations

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on February 13.

Newspaper Statutes

With all the recent discussion on the legal newspaper bid, Chair Murlyn Kreklau shared several statutes pertaining to legal newspapers. The following were the ones pertaining to awarding the bid.

375.17 Publication of Financial Statements. Subd. 3. Filling. In addition to the publication in the newspaper designated by the board as the official newspaper for publication of the financial statement, the statement shall be published in one other newspaper,

375.12 Proceedings in qualified paper within 30 days, let by the bid. Subd. 1. The publication shall be set annually by contract to the lowest bidder at the first regular session of the board in January of each year. If the county board determines that publication of a summary of the proceedings would adequately inform the public of the substance of the proceedings...the board may reject any offer if, in its judgment, the public interests require it and may then designate a newspaper without regard to any rejected offer....



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