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Wadena County Commissioners: Summer events could be in jeopardy, Property photos on county website..

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on April 21. Concerns for Summer Events Commissioner Chuck Horsager said it was a long discussion at the committee meeting, about the future of summer events, and he made a statement. “Wadena County is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of its citizens and those spending time in our community. As seasons change and spring and summer are upon us, we are mindful of decisions of events where people come together such as community celebrations and large gatherings are being discussed. Any proceeding with event planning should be done with full knowledge that emergency executive orders could impact whether or not events could occur and if there are any associated restrictions. "Any event planned that requires permits issued by the county will be done in accordance with any emergency executive orders and any accompanying restrictions that are in place. "We commend the cooperation from our county residents and we voice our ongoing concern for the health of our public with the need to follow CDC guidance, economic and social implications felt by so many. "During these uncertain times, it's unfortunately not business as usual and various factors need to be carefully considered. Wadena County intends to comply with all executive orders and we expect others to fully cooperate as well.” Horsager added that they care about the community events and don’t know how this will play out. . . . .



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